An Internal Knowledge Base For Your Company, Department or Team

Available as a Cloud Service or Downloadable Web-Application

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Cloud or Self-Hosting

We provide two options, self-hosting and cloud-hosting. You choose what best suits your team.

Powerful Search

A Searchable Knowledge Base With Advanced Indexing, Stemming & Search Features. Powered by Apache Lucene™.

Based on Spaces

Create a Space and Assign Users to it to Start Editing Pages, Documents And Discussions.

Easy Editing

No More Complex Wiki Notations. This Web-Based Knowledge Base Provides Straight Forward Editing Using A 'What You See Is What You Get' Approach.

Clear Structure

Page's Are Organized Within A Space In A Clear Hierarchy Making Pages Easily Locatable.

History Tracking

All Information in the Knowledge Base Is Under Revision History Tracking.


A Lightweight Knowledge Base With A Simple Structure And Powerful Search Features


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