Upgrading From A Previous Version

The instructions provided here will explain how to upgrade from a previous version of Lessons Learned Server.
The instructions only apply for Lessons Learned Server version 2.6.0 and above.

Follow these steps to upgrade a Lessons Learned Server installation:

  1. SSH to the linux machine you wish to upgrade the Lessons Learned Server installation on.
  2. Locate the folder on which Lessons Learned Server is installed.
    For the rest of the document, the folder will be assumed to be /var/www/html/lessonslearned.
  3. Download the latest version of Lessons Learned Server from http://www.lessonslearnedserver.com/download For the rest of the steps, the download will be assumed to be lessonslearned_linux32_v2_7_1.tar.gz
  4. Place the downloaded file inside the directory /var/www/html/lessonslearned:
    cp lessonslearned_linux32_v2_7_1.tar.gz /var/www/html/lessonslearned
  5. Extract the file inside the directory
    cd /var/www/html/lessonslearned
    tar -zxvf lessonslearned_linux32_v2_7_1.tar.gz --strip-components=1
  6. Change the permissions to the www user:
    chown -R apache:nobody .
  7. Point your browser to the lessons learned server installation:
  8. Logout from the application of already logged in, then refresh the login page.
    A message will be shown requesting to perform the upgrade.
    Click to proceed with the upgrade.
  9. The upgrade process will automatically load and restart the new background service and update the database schema.
If you encounter any problems, please send your request directly by posting it to the support page: