Fully Web-Based

Web-based application accessible from any web-browser using any client Operating System.

Easy Editing

WYSIWYG Editing of content pages without any complex wiki notation.

Revision History

All documents and pages have revision history tracking with the ability to view, rollback or delete previous revisions.

Simplified Permissions

Assign a user to a space using a specific role. That's it! No complex permission maintenance needed, in the same time allowing sophisticated fine grained permissions for users and groups.

Real-time Indexing

All content is indexed using asynchronous event handlers, which results in super-fast page responsiveness, along with powerful search capabilities.

Powerful Search

Word stemming, stop-words, complex boolean, phrase and wild card queries are supported by default. Thanks to Apache Lucene, the core component powering Solr™ and ElasticSearch™ engines.

Hierarchical Structure

LLS provides a clear viewable hierarchical structure for all your pages.

Simplified Administration

An intuitive administration panel to create Spaces, Users and Access Permissions.

Easily Locatable

Every page, file and comment are locatable within the hierarchy or through a Global ID Identifier.

Screen Shots

Flexible Hierarchical Structure.

Once a Space is created, Pages are created and organized in a hierarchical structure.
The stucture is made flexible through a contextual menu, allowing to add pages and child pages in addition to visually organize pages within the hierarchy.

Rich Page Editing.

Edit a page using an advanced WYSIWYG editor. Layout text, images and manage related documents for a page.
Indexed in real-time and made searchable instantly.

Powerful Search Features.

Search for information using simple or advanced search options.
Allows to search within a specific Space, a specific User, a specific Date Range and allows your to sort by Relevance or Creation Date.

Recent Content Viewing.

In addition to the hierarchical page structure, you have the option to view content in a flat blog like view with most recent content sorting.
Once in Recent view, you can view the most recent Pages, Comments or Files by selecting the respective tab.

Easy Administration Section.

A simple structure means easy administration. Lessons Learned Server's structure revolves around the concept's of Spaces and Users.
With the easy administration interface, you simple create different Spaces easily, and assign Users to them with appropriate permissions.