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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lessons Learned Server?

Lessons Learned Server is an internal knowledge-base web application for your Company.

It is accessed by multiple users on multiple machines via a web-browser.

How does Lessons Learned Server differentiate itself from other knowledge management solutions?

Lessons Learned Server differentiates itself from other knowledge management solutions by following a simple structure and WYSIWYG usability and a powerful search.

What do I need before installing Lessons Learned Server?

You will need a Linux or Windows server that has PHP, MySQL and Apache installed.

In brief, how is information structured within Lessons Learned Server?

  1. An administrator creates several Users to access the system.
  2. One or more Information Spaces are created. An Information Space is a place to store Pages, Files and Comments on a specific topic.
  3. Several Users are assigned to Spaces to start collaborating and contributing to information.
  4. All pages are provided through a powerful hierarchy.

What are the system requirements for using Lessons Learned Server?

Server Software Prerequisites
Server OS Windows or Linux Operating Systems
Database Server * MySQL 5.6 and above
Web Server * Apache 2.0 or above preferred (or any web-server running PHP).
Web Engine * PHP 5.6.0 or above
Minimum Hardware Requirements
RAM Memory 512MB minimum
Phsyical Storage Requirements Preferably 6 GB or more
Pentium Processor 1.2GHz minimum
Client Browsers
Supported OS Any Operating System Platform having any of the browsers below.
Supported Browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows) 9, 10, 11
Mozilla Firefox (all platforms). Latest stable version supported.
Google Chrome (Windows and Mac). Latest stable version supported.
Safari (Mac). Latest stable version supported.
Hosting Requirements (Incase it is being hosted)
Background Service Your hosting should allow you to run a background service listening on a dedicated port (defaults to port 1978).

How can I try Lessons Learned Server before purchasing it?

You can try the online demo located here or request a free 10 user cloud trial.

What languages does Lessons Learned Server support?

Currently, the user interface is implemented in US English and all search indexes are stemmed through a US English stemmer. However, information items can be entered into the system with any UTF-8 compliant language including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Maori, Spanish and Swedish.

I have a question that is not covered here. What do I do?

You can send your question through the support page.