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  • Generic KnowBase
  • Research Projects
  • Online Material
  • Legal Case Management
  • Client Extranets
  • Company Knowledge
  • RFP Repository
  • IT Dept Knowledge
  • Article Storage
  • Human Resource Tracking
  • Product Catalogs
  • Secure Information Access
  • Medical Research
  • Health Research
  • Unstructured Information

Find Company Information Fast When Needed.
Put operation manuals, reports, policy and procedures, photos, drawings, whitepapers, sales promotions, techniques, best practices and other content online as searchable information profiles. Find content and documents fast and view using a web browser.

A Simple Structure
means a Simple Learning Curve

Unlike other Document/Knowledge Management solutions, LessonsLearnedServer does not require the creation of name users, group privileges setup, business rules, etc. LessonsLearnedServer is simple. It provides complete access to public information, restricts access to private content. Thats it!

Different Paths to the Same Information
Browse content by profile hierarchy, by latest content posts, by a powerful searching facility, or by related files. Share thoughts through a comment area. Identify information items using unique identifiers.

Completely Web-Based!
Rich content editing using one of the most sophisticated WYSIWYG editors. The application is accessed through a web-browser and utilizes AJAX for near-desktop performance.

So Powerful, here's why...
LessonsLearnedServer enables fast response times to a large audience by forwarding heavy load tasks to LessonsLearnedServer's QueueProcessor which is a background service that handles time-consuming tasks asynchronously without being noticed by end-users.

LessonsLearnedSever's Main Application's source code is partially open which enables a high level of cutomization concerning the applications look and feel and implementing minor functionalities using the PHP tagged templated web-engine.

Easy To Use And Deploy
LessonsLearnedServer is not a complex solution, can be deployed and used by the most novice user. Infact, LessonsLearnedServer is used by many as a personal information manager.

Even the Evaluation Version is Worth Using
The evaluation version of LessonsLearnedServer provides five free information profiles with a limit of thirty information items for each profile and unlimited comment sharing.

Windows Platform
A MySQL, PHP and Apache Installer for Windows is available for download here.

Version 2.0.0 Released
Check out the new features ..

Version 1.2.2 Fix Release

BloxAMP Installer Launched
A free production quality Apache, MySQL and PHP installer.

Version 1.2.1 Fix Release

Version 1.2.0 Released

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An information profile can hold content related to:
  • Research Topics
  • Company Employees
  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies
  • Scratch Cards
  • Technical Findings
  • Books Library
  • Customer Info
  • Department Policies
  • Sales and Marketing Material
  • Documents' Archive
  • Document Templates
  • Products' Catalog
.. or whatever you find valuable.